From the Editor

Few topics sit across both government and enterprise in quite the way that cybersecurity does. Matters that would normally remain exclusively in the realm of the nation state here become concerns for businesses and individuals alike.

Add the fact that the field is constantly evolving as both cybersecurity professionals and cybercriminals continuously react to one another, and you have a challenging landscape for every enterprise – no matter how well equipped.

In this issue of Verdict Encrypt we’re looking at where the evolving worlds of government and enterprise cybersecurity collide, providing you with a picture of how the area is progressing and what threats and solutions you need to be aware of.

“Few topics sit across both government and enterprise in quite the way cybersecurity does.”

We hear from Malcom Taylor, a former British intelligence officer and now director of ITC Secure, about how nation-state capabilities have been privatised and adopted by enterprise-targeting individuals, providing insight into the conditions that create some of the most devastating global threats.

We also look at how the US government shutdown impacted national cybersecurity – with some surprising results that will be familiar to frontline cybersecurity professionals across all verticals, and consider how governments themselves look set to be increasingly targeted as we move into 2019.

On the other side of the spectrum, we look at how the military is serving as inspiration for cybersecurity vendors looking to ensnare cybercriminals before they are able to attack, and take a look at how IBM’s custom cyber truck is designed to provide both defence and training.

For all this, and much more, read on in the latest issue of Verdict Encrypt.

Lucy Ingham