Issue 8 | Spring 2019

The Privatisation of Nation-State Capabilities

Former senior British intelligence officer Malcolm Taylor on how the privatisation of nation-state capabilities poses one of the biggest cyber threats to businesses

Cybersecurity in the Automotive Industry

Cars and the wider automotive industry are becoming more connected each year, but cybersecurity is not always keeping up

IBM's Cyber tactical operations center

IT giant IBM has a novel approach to improving cyberattack response: a state-of-the-art cyber watch floor located in an 18-wheel truck

Military-Inspired Deception Tactics

Militaries have been using deception for millennia. Cybercriminals use it every day. But cybersecurity vendors are fighting back

The US Shutdown's impact on Cybersecurity

When the US shutdown first began, there were fears that it would have a devastating impact on the government’s cybersecurity, but that didn’t turn out the be the case

The 20 Year Old Vulnerability 

Two decades after it was first identified, a severe vulnerability is still on thousands of live systems across the world

Scarlet Widow: The Romance Scam Group

Online scams have been around for decades, but Scarlet Widow is a particular nasty example

Governments: a Key Cybersecurity Target in 2019

An attempted cyberattack on the Australian government at the start of February caught the headlines, not least because the country pointed the finger of blame at an unnamed nation state

The World’s Biggest Cyberattack Targets

Cyberattacks and other malicious threats are a problem for every country on Earth, but some are more impacted than others

Is Your Cloud At Risk Of Cryptojacking?

Cloud cryptojacking – hijacking cloud resources to mine for cryptocurrency – is currently the fastest-growing cybersecurity threat to the enterprise

The Cybersecurity Startup Report

The startups making waves in cybersecurity this month

Cybersecurity Events in March and Beyond

Stay up to date with the latest industry events around the world, with conferences and seminars across the US, Europe and Asia