Number of records: 65,700,000

Price: £2,912

MyHeritage, a popular service for testing DNA and tracking ancestry, was hit by a data breach in June 2018. Only email addresses and hashed passwords – rather than full passwords – were exposed, but more than 60 million email addresses could still be of considerable value to the right person.


Number of records: 50,000,000

Price: £3,458

In March 2018 popular calorie tracking app MyFitnessPal, which is owned by sportswear giant Under Armour, was hit by a data breach impacting usernames, email addresses and hashed passwords. Despite containing fewer records, the company commands a higher price than others on the dark web, suggesting there is value in a brand name.


Number of records: 15,500,000

Price: £4,095

A video messaging app for Android and iOS, Dubsmash was hit by a breach in February 2019, involving user locations, usernames, passwords, phone numbers and names. It is for this reason that this particular haul commands a higher price than others, despite containing considerably fewer records.

Armor Games

Number of records: 7,800,000

Price: £819

Occurring in January 2019, the Armor Games data breach includes usernames, emails, hashed passwords and the salt – which enables hashes to be reversed. However, data is this particular haul is a comparative bargain.


Number of records: 3,400,000

Price: £4,095

The data breach that impacted home improvement site Houzz in early 2019 saw the exposure of user IDs, email addresses, one-way encrypted passwords, IP addresses, city and zip codes, as well as users’ Facebook information – which may explain the high price tag.

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