Issue 11 | Winter 2019

Vendor Email Compromise: 2020’s “Biggest Financial Threat”

Enterprises have lost $26bn to business email compromise scams in the past three years. But Silent Starling has found a way to make the scam even more lucrative

The Evolution of ransomware

Ransomware has  only become a key concern of the C-suite in the last few years, but its roots began far longer ago

From the influencers

This month's key quotes from leaders in cybersecurity, on the top news stories and issues from across the industry

Edward Snowden: "the problem is data collection"

Whistleblower Edward Snowden on  on the current state of data security, and how he hopes to see it evolve in the future

Overcoming the Unsecured Cloud Server Crisis

Terabytes of data have been exposed by companies large and small as a result of misconfigured Amazon Web Services S3 buckets

Tips for Staying Safe in the Cloud

World Wide Technology's David Locke shares his tips on how to avoid becoming a cloud statistic

"IT ASBESTOS": The dark side of the IoT

Smart devices are everywhere, but according to F-Secure chief research officer Mikko Hyppönen, they are an ever-growing cybersecurity threat

When Insider Threat Bites: A Lesson from Trend Micro

At the start of November, cybersecurity company Trend Micro was hit by a serious data breach as a result of an employee selling the personal data of thousands of customers

Hacking and the 2020 Election

With every election cycle, the threat of hacking becomes an ever-greater concern

Reflections of a Red Teamer

Tom Van de Wiele is employed to test companies’ security systems to their limits, taking on some of the toughest digital security

The Price of Data on the Dark Web

Much of the data stolen in breaches ultimately ends up on for sale on the dark web. But how much do criminals pay to access it?

Applying AI to Cybersecurity: The View from Huawei

Artificial intelligence is increasingly being used within the cybersecurity space, but some challenges remain

Dug Song on Cisco, Cybersecurity and Skateboarding

A former member of hacker group w00w00 and co-founder of Cisco’s Duo Security, Dug Song has a lot to say about the state and future of cybersecurity

Dark Times Ahead: Targeting power grids

Power grids are increasingly being targeted by cybercriminals, and the potential impact could be devastating

Deals in brief

A round-up of the top cybersecurity industry deals of the past few months, courtesy of GlobalData

Cybersecurity Events in November and Beyond

Stay up to date with the latest industry events around the world, with conferences and seminars across the US, Europe and Asia