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Cybersecurity News in Numbers


The percentage of cybersecurity professionals currently working in London that expect to still be there five years from now, according to research by Mimecast and British Land. The city is facing a significant cybersecurity brain drain, with 30% planning to relocate to another European country over the next few years.


The cost of a full package of personal information relating to a specific individual, including UK credit cards, on popular cybercrime marketplaces, according to a report by Flashpoint. Templates for official documents are considerably cheaper, with European passport templates ranging from £3.90 to £40.


The percentage of IT professionals that believe their organisation is now more vulnerable to cybersecurity threats than it was five years ago, according to a survey carried out by YouGov on behalf of Alsid. 42% of those surveyed also felt that their job has become more complicated over the past two years.


The value of merger and acquisition deals in the information security market for the first nine months of 2019, according to a report by This represents a significant rise from 2018, where deals only reaches $15bn for the entire year.


The percentage of UK organisations that consider cybersecurity to be their biggest priority in 2020, according to research by business technology solutions provider Softcat. According to Hiscox research, 55% of companies in the UK were the victim of at least one cyberattack in 2019 alone.

Breach Report:

The key data breaches to occur in the last few months

 UniCredit breach hits three million

Italian bank UniCredit announced in October that it had been the victim of a severe data breach as a result of two separate attacks. The bank said that it had been the subject of attacks in Autumn 2016 and July 2017, with the personal data of up to three million customers, including names, city, telephone numbers and email addresses, impacted.

 Sixth June stung by payment attack

It was announced that French fashion store Sixth June was the subject of a data breach in October, with the discovery of a skimming script that stole card payment information during the checkout process. The script is believed to have stolen card payment details and other personal data of shoppers, with the site criticised for not taking action to disable the issue.

 7-Eleven fuel shoppers burned

A petrol-buying app operated by 7-Eleven was the subject of a data breach in October that exposed the names, email addresses, mobile numbers and dates of birth to other users. The app, which has been downloaded over two million times, was taken offline within hours of the breach’s discovery by a customer.

 Home Group hit by data breach

Home Group, one of the biggest housing associations in the UK, was hit by a data breach affecting around 4,000 customers in October. The breach exposed names, addresses and contact information, although no financial data was impacted. It is not known how the company was breached, but the issue was resolved within 90 minutes of its discovery.

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