Security in the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) has long been considered a weak point in the world of cybersecurity. However, things are beginning to change, as The State of IoT Security report from Gemalto reveals. We look at the key findings


IoT security spend has increased

Widely reported concerns surrounding the security of IoT devices and their potential to be used to launch attacks against the wider business appear to be sinking in. While many companies remain lacking when it comes to IoT security, the average spend on security as a percentage of IoT budgets has increased since last year.

Confidence in IoT security has dropped

Perceptions towards IoT security have changed quite notably over the past year, with confidence in IoT as a secure foundation dipping significantly. Businesses are also moving away from the idea of IoT security as a tick-box affair designed to attract customers, as associating action on the matter with an appropriate ethical response.

Which of the following best describes how your organisation sees IoT security?

Not all breaches can be detected

Despite being a key attack surface, not all businesses can tell when a breach has occurred. Only just under half of organisations know when any of their devices have been breached, while 10% have no way of telling if any of their IoT devices have been penetrated.

Can your organisation detect when an IoT device has been breached?

Yes, we can detect when any IoT product has been breached

Yes, we can detect when some IoT products have been breached

No we can't detect when an IoT product has been breached, but we should be able to

No we can't detect when any IoT product has been breached, and this is not necessary

I don't know

Barriers to IoT device security

Keeping IoT devices secure isn’t always easy – and many companies face a host of barriers to successfully securing their devices. Leading the way are concerns about data security, privacy and management, but there are also issues around the careful balance between user experience and effective security practices.

What challenges does your organisation see with trying to secure IoT products/services?

Data courtesy  of Gemalto

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