Issue 7 | Winter 2018

Hire a Hacker: Inside Hacker-Powered Security 

If you want to know how vulnerable your systems are to attack, who better to tell you than a hacker?

Security in the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) has long been considered a weak point in the world of cybersecurity. However, things are beginning to change

Uncovering the White Company

An unprecedented and previously known advanced persistent threat group has been uncovered by AI-driven security provider Cylance

Recruitment  In the Web’s Lawless Underbelly

The dark web is home to countless forums advertising illegal jobs ranging from drug delivery to assassinations. But in the web’s lawless underbelly, there are rules

GDPR Six Months On: Is it working?

C-level execs, legal experts, marketers and data protection officers discuss what’s working, what isn’t and if GDPR is having the effect regulators intended

The State of Medical Device Security

Much has been said about the security risks connected medical devices pose, but what is the true situation?

Meet the Advanced MSSP Taking on Vendors

Is the age of multiple vendors coming to an end? Next-generation managed security services provider CyberProof thinks so

Interactive map: the biggest cyberattacks of 2018

To give a sense of the threat posed by cyberattacks, we’ve brought together a selection of signficant cybersecurity attacks and data breaches that have unfolded in 2018

The Morris Worm: Thirty Years On

Thirty years ago the Morris Worm changed our view of cybersecurity forever. What's changed since?

Cybersecurity Goes Mainstream

In the past, cyberattacks were anomalies that appeared to hit the unlucky few. But in 2018 they have become a normal part of business

How Much Do You Think cyberCriminals Spend?

How much do criminals spend each year developing cyberattacks? It’s probably a lot higher than you expect

Tessa88 Unmasked

The notorious hacker tessa88, who sold personal data from a string of high-profile breaches, has been named

Mitigating Risk by Cultivating a Culture of Openness

Cyber risk poses a threat to every business. We look at how social engineering attacks threaten businesses and how best to counter them

Cybersecurity Events in January and Beyond

Stay up to date with the latest industry events around the world,  with conferences and seminars across the US, Europe and the Middle East