Issue 9 | Summer 2019

Cybersecurity in the Wake of Julian Assange

Now that Julian Assange's refuge is over, what impact – if any – has he had on the world of cybersecurity? 

The State of European Data Security

Digital technologies are transforming European businesses, but security is not keeping up

From the Influencers: Key quotes

This month’s key quotes from leaders in cybersecurity

From Email Prankster to Cyber Crimefighter  

Back in 2017, James Linton hit the headlines under his pseudonym SINON_REBORN as a prolific email prankster. Now, however, he turned his skills to combatting cybercrime

DarkMatter and the Rise of Middle East Cybersecurity

The Middle East, and in particular the UAE, is undergoing an economic revolution as the region moves from an oil-based economy to one built on technology

The UK’s Biggest security Employers

It’s widely known that cybersecurity skills are in high demand, but  certain industries are dominating when it comes to recruitment

HuaweI: Threat or trade-war Pawn?

 The Huawei 5G saga has been a prominent story in the cybersecurity space over the last few months. We look at the key quotes so far

Government Cybersecurity: An Inside View

When he isn’t protecting businesses in the fast-changing cyber threat landscape, Bill Conner is often found using his four decades of experience in the security industry to help government agencies and organisations to improve their cybersecurity strategies

Slaying the Cybersecurity Dragon Since 1991

British security blogger Graham Cluley has built a reputation on being able to translate complex cybersecurity jargon into clear understandable concepts

Ransomware: Lessons from Baltimore

Two years after WannaCry caused global havoc, the city of Baltimore is learning how devastating ransomware still can be

One Year On: A GDPR Snapshot

GDPR came into force on 25 May 2018. But how far has the UK come since?

Cybersecurity is a Market for Lemons

A ‘Market for Lemons’ is a term used by economists to denote market failure. Here's how the term has relevance to cybersecurity 

The need for proper incident process

Effective process is an important part of cybersecurity, but it can often be overlooked

Cybersecurity events in June and Beyond

 Stay up to date with the latest industry events around the world