New smart standard for legally binding contracting

Contractual relationships have remained mostly unchanged for hundreds of years. At Agrello we believe that everyone should be able to negotiate and execute legal contracts just using their smartphone. Agrello provides digital identity and digital signature services, tailor made for highly regulated industries such as the financial service industry. Identify your customer, formalize agreements, and sign them online in seconds - considerably reducing labor costs and overhead. Identify person online, reduce labor cost. Improve user onboarding process.

Agrello Platform

The Agrello Platform is a dashboard where you can manage your identity, create contracts, sign the contracts using Agrello legally binding signature and have an overview of all of your agreements

Agrello ID

Streamline your usage of the platform by downloading Agrello ID app

Identity Verification

Verify yourself so we can trust each other and we will grant you your personal Qualified Agrello ID

Agrello ID

Agrello ID is the easiest way to access all of our amazing services and our great partners, and sign documents digitally

Sign & Encrypt

Upload and share your existing documents, and sign them digitally with your Agrello Signatur


Find your initiated contracts, negotiate and sign them digitally, and track progress of your live contracts

Template Library

Keep your favourite and customized contract templates and use them to initiate new contracts with your parties

Template Builder

Create and manage smart building blocks and useful contract templates