Issue 6 | Summer 2018

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A Day in the Life of a Cybersecurity Red Team

When well-protected companies want to thoroughly test their security, they hire a red team: a crack team of experts who take the role of would-be attackers

Why Isn’t Your Security in the Cloud? 

Cloud technology has been embraced wholeheartedly by businesses, but security is slow to follow

The Summer 2018 Data Breach Report

We hear from industry experts about the causes and implications of some of the biggest data breaches over the last few months

Account Takeover: The Successor to Phishing Attacks

Over the past few years, targeted phishing attacks have become a widespread concern for businesses, however there is a new threat on the horizon

Drone Plans for Sale

In June Recorded Future’s Insikt Group made an unprecedented discovery: documents relating to the MQ-9 Reaper drone for sale on the dark web

A Minute in Cybercrime

Key data on the cyberattacks occuring every minute of every day 

Secure Communication in the GDPR Age

There has never been more attention directed at privacy regulation, and the stakes have never been higher

Compromising Whois: How GDPR is Weakening Security

GDPR might have been designed to improve privacy, but the fallout hasn’t been entirely positive

SecurityScorecard Sends Companies Back to School

Cybersecurity can be difficult to visualise and tricky to categorise, but SecurityScorecard tries to keep things simple with its A-F rating system

The Impact of GDPR on Email

It had been feared that GDPR would lead to a surge in spam campaigns, but this so far has not been the case

How to Make Voice the Holy Grail of Security

Voice technology is seeing rapid adoption among both consumers and businesses, with significant implications for security

Human Error vs Malicious Attacks

While data breaches are generally associated with malicious cyberattacks, the reality can be quite different

Wannacry one year on: Lessons for the NHS

One year on from WannaCry’s devastation of the NHS, what lessons have been learned? 

The Cybersecurity Startup Report

The startups making waves in cybersecurity this month