Global View: The Changing Cybersecurity Vendor Landscape

Cybersecurity is often seen as a global industry, but there are clear variations in the vendor landscape across regional markets. Using data and insights provided by GlobalData Technology, we look at the major players and key changes in each region over the last few years


North America

Asia PAcific

Europe, the Middle East and Africa

North America 

A decline in smaller cybersecurity vendors as major players grow their share

As of 2016, the North American enterprise security software vendor market is dominated by a relatively small number of organisations.

Three companies, Symantec, McAfee and Palo Alto claim almost a third of market share, although two-fifths of the market remains owned by smaller companies. 

However, while much of the North American market is still made up of smaller vendors, these organisations are losing out to the major players, with a 5% drop in share from 2015.

Almost all large companies have seen growth in share, with Palo Alto making the biggest jump, likely in part buoyed by the company's focus on advanced firewalls and cloud services.

Industry giant McAfee, however, saw a relatively significant drop as demand moved away from its core antivirus products. 

Europe, the middle East and Africa

Smaller security software vendors remain dominant despite growth from some major players

The vast majority of the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) market is dominated by smaller vendors, with all major companies combined only accounting for a third of the market.

Here Symantec and McAfee retain their first and second places, however the market shows a different picture for other positions, with IBM in third and Hewlett Packard claiming a position in the top ten that it has not achieved in North America. 

While the overall changes in vendor share have not been as dramatic as in North America, here the biggest loss is also among companies outside the top ten.

Notably older companies within the enterprise security space have also lost some market share, with the biggest gains seen by Fortinet, founded in 2000, and Palo Alto, founded in 2005. 

Asia Pacific

Market share gains seen by many of the biggest cybersecurity vendors

Although Symantec is still one of the biggest enterprise security vendors in Asia Pacific, it is not the leader, coming in second to Trend Micro, a company with just the tenth biggest share in EMEA and which fails to enter the top ten in North America.

Here the once globally dominant Oracle also retains a position in the top ten, making Asia Pacific unique among the regions in this respect.

Asia Pacific has seen considerable change in market share, in part following the wider trend of the top ten amassing share from smaller companies.

However it is notable here that the companies with the largest share have seen the biggest gains, with the exception of McAfee. 

Data published by GlobalData Technology in December 2017

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