From the Editor

It’s easy to think of cybersecurity as a highly mature industry, but the reality is quite different. Technologies and their uses are changing rapidly, the global threat landscape is transforming and regulations are still coming into play.

Which is why in the fourth issue of Verdict Encrypt, we’re looking at some of the biggest emerging changes and how organisations and enterprises can best respond to them.

From a global defence perspective, it’s a concerning time, with something of an arms race slowly dividing digital defences into two distinct groups. The online world is seeing steady balkanisation, and in this issue we consider the implications.

Perhaps more of an immediate concern is GDPR, which comes into force in a matter of weeks. We look at how the legislation relates to cybersecurity concerns, and how it requires far more than just the right software.

“It’s easy to think of cybersecurity as a highly mature industry, but the reality is quite different.”

On the technology side is artificial intelligence, which, while still in the early stages of being used in cybersecurity, is proving to be a valuable tool for companies struggling to hire quality cybersecurity experts.

However, while it can be immensely useful, it also poses its own unique threats – something we explore in this issue.

While more businesses than ever are taking cybersecurity seriously, there are still some key concerns not being given adequate attention. We hear from experts across the spectrum of the industry about the issues companies are overlooking, with surprisingly varied results.

Plus, there’s also a look at the global vendor landscape and an investigation into the impact of an overload of threat intelligence data, as well as a compelling piece on how the mantra of fear, uncertainty and doubt should be replaced with a running with-the-bulls mentality.

For all this – and more – read on in this month’s Verdict Encrypt.

Lucy Ingham