Issue 5 | Spring 2018

Handling a Data Breach in a Post-GDPR World

We hear from a host of experts about the best approach to handling a data breach and the surrounding crisis under GDPR

Not Ready for GDPR? You’re Not Alone

GDPR is almost upon us, but many businesses across the EU won’t be ready in time, according to research by  Spiceworks

The Top Cybersecurity Concern for 2018

49 industry experts give their thoughts on the cybersecurity priorities for businesses in the year ahead

Behind the mask: Attributing Cyberattacks to Nations

When a major cyberattack hits, the question of who is responsible quickly arises. But accurately attributing an attack to a specific nation state is exceptionally challenging

Google Jigsaw’s Jared Cohen: the Upcoming cyber war

Modern warfare manifests in both the physical and digital worlds. But without clear deterrents and doctrines of proportionate response, are states ready for a future of cyber conflict?

Travelling on Trains? Be Wary of Wifi

Working train journeys are a common part of business travel. Unfortunately, onboard Wifi can pose a serious risk to enterprises

The Virtual DPO:  A GDPR Compliance Alternative

Poorly secured Internet of Things (IoT) devices are increasingly being used in cyberattacks, and many companies are unaware of the risks they can pose

Going Dark: North Korea’s Increase in Cyber Secrecy

Historic steps have been taken recently to de-escalate aggression in the Korean peninsula, particularly in regards to North Korea’s nuclear programme. However, more quietly, the North Korean regime has been dramatically shifting its cyber activity

The Case Against Logging In with Facebook

Login with Facebook is used widely across the web and on many apps to allow users a convenient and password-free way to access content. Now, Princeton researchers have found vulnerabilities in that service

Making the Cloud a Safer Place: casbS

Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs) may offer a solution to the patchy security of the cloud

Government cloud use: Security concerns

Cloud adoption among government agencies is now extremely high. But that doesn’t mean it’s secure, as a survey of agencies has found

The Cybersecurity Startup Report

The startups making waves in cybersecurity this month

Cybersecurity Events in June and Beyond

Stay up to date with the latest industry events around the world,  with conferences and seminars across the US, Europe, Asia and Australia