From the Editor

Cybersecurity is an ever-moving target, presenting a host of challenges to businesses, and forcing even the smallest companies to spend considerable resources keeping themselves protected.

It’s an immense challenge, made more complex by the vast range of useful and less-than-useful products available, but as always, Verdict Encrypt is here to help you keep up to date and make informed decisions about your cybersecurity priorities.

In our second issue, we’re looking at the state of cybersecurity, and whether change is afoot.

We hear from Alert Logic about how the industry is ripe for transformation, with a predicted move away from the traditional approach of cobbling together best-of-breed piecemeal solutions to a one-provider-for-all approach.

“Cybersecurity is an immense challenge, made more complex by the vast range of useful and less-than-useful products available.”

It is often said that companies need to take more responsibility for preventing attacks, and now the UK government is putting that sentiment into law with fines of up to £17m for failing to take adequate steps to prevent attacks on critical infrastructure. We consider whether such an approach will work, and what it will mean for businesses.

However, effective measures or not, accidental cybersecurity leaks remain a significant problem, and human error is almost always at the heart.

We look at how such leaks happen, and how companies can work to protect themselves, as well as hearing from MHR about the role HR departments can play in companies’ security efforts.

Meanwhile, over in the world of defence, cybersecurity has become big business, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible forward and – hopefully – keeping one step ahead of attackers. We visit CODE, the German military’s newest cybersecurity research centre, to find out how the organisation is working to prevent attacks and advance security measures.

Plus, we hear from legendary conman-turned FBI fraud expert Frank Abagnale about how the next global cyberattack is imminent, and look at how distributed denial of service attacks are wreaking havoc on online gaming.

And if that wasn’t enough, we also profile some of the most severe cyberattacks of 2017, and take a look at how IoT attacks can happen with help from Cisco.

Lucy Ingham