Issue 3 | January 2018

Meet Meltdown and Spectre

2018 is less than a fortnight old and we already have the biggest security issue of the year. We look at the security nightmares that have been branded Meltdown and Spectre

Cybersecurity in 2018: 39 Predictions 

Industry experts give their predictions for cybersecurity trends, technology and attack types in the year ahead, with a focus on the impact to business

Attack Alert: Beware Olympic Emails

The Winter Olympics has become the latest event to become involved in a spear phishing campaign. We consider what lessons can be learned

Small Businesses and the Cybersecurity Poverty Line

Recent research by Duo Security and YouGov found that 36% of small businesses in the UK were below the cybersecurity poverty line. We find out why

Small Business Risks in Data

Cybersecurity experts are warning that small businesses are at growing risk of cyberattacks, as they are increasingly being seen as low-hanging fruit by attackers

Is Your Training Fit for Purpose?

Cybersecurity training is an essential part of any business, but many companies  are simply providing an exercise in box-ticking

Revival of the UK Cyber Demonstration Centre

Having recently opened at a new base in Canary Wharf, the state-of-the-art UK Cyber Demonstration Centre hopes to usher in a new era for innovation

Inevitability of Critical Infrastructure Cyberattacks

Attacks on critical national infrastructure are inevitable, and a threat to the economy, the environment and even human life. We look at why they are a future reality, and whether the risk can be reduced

Does privacy deserve its pedestal?

Deciding whether privacy or individual freedom should be prioritised isn’t a new concern, but that doesn’t stop advocates from claiming that their side holds all the answers

Machine Learning: The Road to Reality?

Machine learning has often been mentioned as having significant potential for cybersecurity, but so far it remains under-utilised in the field