Issue 1 | September 2017

Equifax: Failing to Learn Vital Lessons

Equifax has admitted it has been hit by a massive data breach. It's futher evidence of how much more seriously cybersecurity still needs to be taken

In Data: Cybersecurity Trends

Companies around the world are facing up to the challenges of global cybersecurity. We look at the current sentiment of key decision makers 

The Cyber War: Defence in a Digital World

Former FBI executive assistant director Shawn Henry discusses whether we’ve reached a defining moment in cyber warfare

From the Email Prankster with Love

The story of how an online prankster targeted the rich and powerful with a fairly unsophisticated spear-phishing email campaign

How Companies Respond to Attacks

Through a survey conducted by​​​​​​​GlobalData, companies from across the globe provide insight into how they responded to a cybersecurity breach

Ransoms: How Winter Came for HBO

HBO should be enjoying the return of some its biggest properties this summer, but instead the network has found itself dealing with various hacks 

Digital Superbugs: Healthcare under Attack

The NotPetya and WannaCry ransomware have highlighted the vulnerability of healthcare systems' to untargeted attacks

Responsible Crisis Management 

Responsible crisis management is vital to maintaining company reputation in the wake of a breach. We consider w​​​​​​​hat to do when the worst happens

Case study: The Ultimate Target

In 2013, US retail giant Target was subject to one of the worst corporate hacks in history, affecting the financial data of 40 million customers

Cybersecurity Events in September and Beyond

Stay up to date with the latest industry events around the world,  with conferences and seminars across the US, Europe and Asia